MicroStrategy has redirected the Hope.com domain to its Bitcoin training resources. In English „hope“ means hope.

In fact now connecting to the domain www.hope.com opens the microstrategy.com/en/bitcoin site, where the company collects and publishes various resources to inform and deepen their knowledge about Bitcoin.

A few months ago the company has made a real breakthrough in its policy regarding the values to be held as a reserve, choosing Bitcoin Trader as the main asset from this point of view.

The reason for this choice probably lies not only in purely financial reasons, but also technical. In fact, MicroStrategy clearly demonstrates that it has conducted in-depth research into this new technology, and the consequences it could have not only in corporate finance.

On the home page of the in-depth section on their website is a quote from their co-founder and CEO Michael Saylor:

„Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets at the service of the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, and growing exponentially smarter, faster and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy.

In addition, the first resource suggested in the interviews section is an interview that Saylor gave to the famous crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano in mid-September, in which they talked about the reasons that led the company to buy BTC to be kept as a reserve of value.
Microstrategy and training on Bitcoin

The announcement posted on Twitter by Saylor himself about the Hope.com redirect says:

„In these difficult times, Bitcoin represents hope for billions of people in need of an economic empowerment tool. As a result, we have redirected the domain of hope to the Bitcoin Education section of our website. Spread the word – Bitcoin is hope [hope.com]“.

Hope.com is a domain registered as early as 1995, and belongs to MicroStrategy.

Until October 5 of this year, it was not associated with an actual website, but simply displayed a page on the MicroStrategy website where it was made available for purchase.

Instead, as of yesterday, it was associated with the Bitcoin training section of the site.

Among other things, the company also owns the domains Wisdom.com, Strategy.com and Glory.com, as well as Michael.com.

It is quite common that large corporations with large capitals have registered domains of this type long ago, at very cheap prices, for example in the hope of reselling them at very high prices later on. So it’s no wonder that MicroStrategy is the owner of Hope.com.